Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sea Island

Hello everyone I hope you all have had a fantastic week! We spent our week in Sea Island enjoying beautiful weather with family and friends! It is my favorite place we have visited this year! It's close to the water but still has a small town feel! We rented a house by the water and Hadley loved every minute of it! We started off our week with a Charity event and Zack and I had an amazing time meeting new players and player wives! I was so taken back by the generosity of Kim Johnson (Zach Johnson's wife) welcomed me to the wives and made me feel very comfortable all week. It's hard trying to get to know everyone but if makes it a lot easier when people are so kind! We loved the Darius Rucker concert and Davis Love III house. We are warming up to the tour and blending in and that makes things a lot more laid back. Zack missed the cut again last week. He played some great golf but unfortunately it just didn't go his way.  Thankfully our identity is not in golf or how quickly and how much we succeed but in Christ. Sometimes that doesn't make the road any easier but it does give you peace, patience a sense of calmness.  We still have so exciting things coming up! Sunday we head to Jackson MS. It's not that far away feel free to come support Zack! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shriner's in Vegas

Last week we spent our week in Summerlin about 20 minutes from Vegas!  We arrived on Sunday night after leaving Napa. Hadley did amazing in the car like always and the drive wasn't so bad.we didn't really do much in Vegas. We did go see the fountains at the Bellagio because I knew Hadley would love it and she did. Zack had a great first round but failed to make the cut again. It is adjustment for sure and getting comfortable out here. I'm not worried Zack will do well it's just a matter of time. The Lord knows what is best and it's in his hands! We are really just trying to enjoy the year and enjoy what is in front of us! We are looking forward to our week in Sea Island! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Back at it!

Sorry I have been a little delayed with blogging. It has been crazy trying to gt back in the swing of things and travel! Last week was our first PGA event in Napa! It was absolutely beautiful and by far my favorite visit anywhere in long time!  The weather was delightful and the food was amazing! Hadley started childcare for the first time last week and she did amazing well! I am so thankful for the PGA tour providing such a wonderful school for our children and loving on them! I was able to meet a few of the wives at our wine tour of Napa. I was so taken back by how sweet and welcoming  all of the wives were. Although we failed to make the cut we still had a wonderful time and Enjoyed exploring Napa before leaving. Since we had such a horrible flight experience heading to Napa we decided to drive to Vegas. It was only a 8 hour drive and Hadley does much better in the car. We arrived in Vegas yesterday. We are staying about 15 minutes from the strip but still enjoying our stay so far. Hadkey is starting to enter into the 2's which is making life very interesting. I will spare you the details seeing tat lost of you now exactly whatnot talking about. Just as you think you have it all figured out as a parent something else takes you by suprise and tour back to day 1. Looking forward to finish the week out here in Vegas and watching a little PHA tour golf with my favorite PGA tour player at TPC Summerlin! If you haven't downloaded the PGA tour app please do and follow Zack Sucher! We need all of your support and prayers just like last year! Love you all speak to you