Sunday, January 25, 2015

Palm Springs for the Humana

Hello again! I hope you all have had a good week! We arrived in Palm Springs on Tuesday that lead to a phone call saying we were 3rd alternate this week! Of course we were anxious for the number to change but we stayed at 2nd until the morning of the event and then changed to 1st. We didn't get in but we have had a lot of positive outcomes to the week! We were invited to Arnold Palmer's steak house for a rookie dinner. We so enjoyed seeing our friends and talking about exciting things to come! Arnold Palmer came in and said a few words to the rookies which was so nice. We are so thankful to be apart of the great game of golf! Since zack didn't get in the event he was asked as a alternate to stick around incase a pro withdrew after the round began, in which case Zack would take the Pro's spot but the score wouldn't count. Zack got the call Friday morning so he ended up playing Friday  and Saturday! We were thankful for the experience and the practice! We have had little small things happen this week reminding us that God is faithful and always has our best interest at heart! I'm so thankful for the peace God gives you to just rest in HIM! I was reminded by a friend this week to keep our eyes on Jesus like Peter in the storm! Good things are coming! Today we pack up and head to Pheonix to try and Monday qualify for the Waste Managament. Thankfully we are driving the next several events!! Looking forward to next week! Have a blessed Sunday!!

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