Tuesday, August 26, 2014


What a week it was in Portland! I don't think we ever say still but I enjoyed every minute of it! I had so much fun touring the city, shopping and eating a some incredible places. My week was filled with great company by so many different people. I feel so blessed to have made new friendships! Zack would probably say last week was exhausting while I dragged him just about everywhere but he never complained and acted excited to do whatever! Even a 3 hour drive with friends to Seattle! He is the most giving man I know! I am not always so patient but thankful The Lord puts me in my place and reminds me how precious this man is! I am getting very anxious to see my sweet girl!! It has been a week now and I still have to wait until Friday. So thankful that my parents were willing to drive the long stretch to Fort Wayne to get her to us! Last week Hadley stayed with Joanne and from what I hear had a amazing time! It makes me so happy for her to be able to have this time with her grandparents and enjoy it so much!  I will leave you will this transparent thought today. I have been on such a roller coaster ride of excitement these last few weeks for many different reasons so many exciting things happening. You can often get caught up in life's excitement and forget the one allowing you to have the success your having. Just remember The Lord can take it as quickly as he can give it. I pray everyday that I can be humbled and filled with the HIS joy and peace through out this Journey we call
life. We are all on different paths but there is only one righteous path. I pray today that you begin to feel God's presence and live with HIM having a powerful spirit filled life!

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