Friday, August 1, 2014

Date night in Sausalito!

Today was a great day! Zacks mom decided to keep Hadkey this morning because We had such a early tee time. I was able to watch Zacks round and catch up with our good friends that drove in from Sacramento! After the round we when into Hayward to eat Mexican. I have been in need of some chips and salsa! We headed back to the see Hadley and get her ready for her nap then off we went for our date night!! Joanne took Hadley for the remainder of the evening which was much needed! We haven't had a date night in so long! We made our first stop at the Golden Gate Bridge then headed into town. We walked the streets looking in all of the adorable shops and then had dinner at a romantic sushi restaurant! Thank you JoJo for giving us a free day!!!

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