Monday, August 11, 2014

The result of prayer

Good morning! So sorry I am late posting this week things have been busy. It has been a fantastic week of being home and seeing family and friends! The first day I was home just so happened to be "Raise the Praise" at our home church. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to stand and worship and praise God for all he has done this past year. It was such a release for me to enter in to HIS presence 
It had been 7 weeks since I was able to attend church and it was so worth the wait. I continued my week visiting my family and attending a few gatherings to see friends. Sunday we attended church and it was powerful day. PK peached an incredible message to live out our faith. I was so moved to think of the platform God has given us next year. My prayer is exactly that. Lord use me! We followed up a powerful service with our SS class. Oh how we have missed all of them! My sweet friend Kristy spoke on the Circle Maker. If you haven't read it go get it!  She spoke on how you can have Joy in your relationship with The Lord, and how our relationship with HIM can be filled with so much peace and fulfillment! Let me be the first to tell you that I use to sit comfortably in church wondering why a didn't ever have this joy and fulfilling relationship with The Lord. It's because I wasn't truly seeking HIM and spending time with HIM. There is so much more to your walk with The Lord than you could ever imagine. You can have Joy and live a incredible spirit filled life! I have been waiting to share this for sometime now. This road we have lived has not been easy and I have not always lived this so called spirit filled life. But after years of living without a relationship with Christ and excepting HIM and my savior I desired HIM in a way I never knew existed! This year has been nothing short than the result of prayer from others and my relationship with The Lord. My challenge to you is that is you do not have a strong desire to be near God and truly thirst for HIM and wonder how you can have this, this is how!! Thank you Lord for allowing me the opportunity to share my story!

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