Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bumpa and JoJo

Today was a great day! I was able to attend my first Tour Wives event of the year. I really enjoyed spending time with some of the wives and making cards for a camp for children with cancer. There were so many wives that I was able to meet for the first time. I am looking forward to many more events! After our event Zack and I took Hadley swimming, which she loves! It's always a good choice to get some of her energy out. After that we waited patiently for Bumpa and JoJo to arrive!! Hadley was so excited to see them. It has been almost 6 weeks since they have seen her!( these are zacks parents by the way) they of course were just as excited!!! We had another delicious meal with our host family this evening. I was worried after Hadley not having her pack n play for the last few nights that she wouldn't sleep well. Joanne and Randy "JoJo and Bumpa" had Hadley's pack n play with them so she spent 3 nights with us in our bed. Thankfully she went right down and hopefully will sleep all night! Hope you all have a wonderful night!

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