Monday, July 21, 2014

Traveling days

Traveling days are always interesting for us. Our flight left from Salt Lake City at 2:15. We of course get to the airport in plenty of time to allow for unexpected craziness. We dropped the rental car off around 11:30 and carried our running total of 6 bags through the rental car place and straight to check them. We had lunch to kill an hour or so before our flight left. We try and let Hadley run crazy until the planes leaves. Luckily it was time for her nap! She slept the entire flight. We then headed to get our rental car for the week. Keep in mind we have all of our luggage, then take a shuttle to Avis. After we get our rental then you have to strategically place everything in the car just right so it all fits, oh and install the carseat. We have a host family this week that is really close to the course which is extremely helpful. Zacks parents will be driving in Wednesday and will be with us for two weeks which is fantastic and means a break for me!!!  So now we are settling in for bed and hopefully Hadley will sleep well because we are exhausted! Night peeps!

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