Friday, July 25, 2014

Magical Day

Today was a pretty magical day for me! I started off my morning with breakfast with Lisa for our bible study we decided to start in Boise. The study is called ABIDE from naptime diaries. Lisa chose the study and it is so simple yet so needful. The last two weeks we have met the Lord has truly moved in our lives. I leave feeling so refreshed and renewed. Before we got started with our study I noticed Lisa had brought in a rather large USPS package. She told me if was from the Orazine's (AKA my brother, sister-in-law and their daughters).  I opened and realized it was a care package for Hadley from the girls!! It literally brought be to tears as I looked through all of the cute and thoughtful things they had picked out I found the most precious letter from my oldest niece, Presley. It basically said that she was praying for all of us and prayed everyday that Zack would play well and to just remember what was most important and that was the Lord and Hadley. What a simple message with such a child-like faith. I am so incredibly thankful for my precious brother and his family! After breakfast I headed home to get Hadley and I ready for a day at the course. Zack didn't tee off until 2:00. There was a heat advisory today. It was so incredibly hot walking the course today so Joanne decided to take Hadley back home and let her swim instead of facing the heat. I was on the 7th hole and realized I had not drank near enough as I needed to, and decided to sit a few holes out. As I was walking away from 9 I ran into a sweet friend of mine(tour wife) as we talked she shared with me her discouragement for her husband and how he had a few holes remaining and that he was right on the cut line. I felt the need to pray for her right then, so I did and was very specific in my prayer. She texted me a few minutes later sharing that her husband had birdied and then chipped in for birdie on the final hole and made the cut!!!! The immediate gratification of knowing the Lord answered your prayer directly is incredible but even more than that I was honored that I had the privileged of praying for someone's needs. After resting for a few holes I waited on the 17th hole for Zack's group. He was playing wonderful today and finished the day at -8 and in the lead by two! Once again I am so thankful for God's grace and to have yet another chance to finish well. After dinner I received a text from another tour wife that was discouraged about missing the cut this week. She asked if I had any advice for them. I told her we knew exactly the discouragement she was feeling and to just continue to put God first and HE would bless that. I have watched them several times on the course and before her husband tees off they pray together. I can't tell you how encouraging that is to see. With that being said I feel so honored to be given the opportunity to encourage people that are surrounding me. This life we chose is not always easy and can be filled with disappointment but thankful for the Lord's faithfulness even during those times. It is in those difficult times that make the joy so much greater and the success that comes our way so bittersweet. Thank you Lord for giving me such joy!!!

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