Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Busy baby!

Hello everyone hope you all are having a fantastic day! Today wasn't any different than yesterday. Hadley and I attempted to have breakfast again in the hotel but after throwing herself down in the middle of the floor and screaming we opted to get it to go. She seemed anxious to get to the pool ,she kept bringing me her puddle jumper and saying "bye momma". We spent the majority of the day at the pool, she even napped there which was great for mommy! A friend of mine from the tour stopped by to chit chat for a while. We caught up on adult conversation over a yummy Cobb salad by the pool. Zack surprised me with a mommy day after he played golf this afternoon.I of course took off to get my nails and toes done! We just got for back from getting a quick bite from Noodles and Company which is pretty yummy! We stopped in Target to get me a new iPhone case because Hadley decided to throw my phone in the hotel toilet. She is a busy busy baby to say the least. Definitely keeps us on the run! Life is good we are blessed! God is so consistent in reminding me of that daily! Hope you guys have a fabulous evening!

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