Thursday, July 17, 2014

Such excitement!

Hello everyone! Today started the first round of the Boise Open. Zack's tee time was 9:05. We typically get to the course no more than 40 minutes before Zack tees off. Hadley and I had breakfast in the clubhouse and then I got her settled into childcare, which I am so grateful for this week! We haven't had childcare on site this year and it is so helpful because I can go watch 9 holes then go grab her. Hadley was ready for a nap when I went to get her, so we do what we typically do in the clubhouse during nap time, and pace the floor until she falls asleep in her stroller. Typically all the tour wives try to help each other out with each others children and so I was keeping an ear out for sweet baby Brady (5 month old) while his mom tried to sneak in a few holes. The sitters couldn't seem to get him comfortable so I grabbed him, fed him, and snuggled him until his mommy returned! By the time Hadley woke up and ate lunch I realized Zack had 3 holes left and was -10. Completely ecstatic I ran with Hadley to the last hole to greet him! He birdied the last hole to go to -11 to shoot his first ever 60!!! I realize not everyone understands golf but that's pretty awesome haha!!!! It has definitely been an exciting day filled with interviews and wonderful text from family and friends. With that being said I know the tournament is no where near over and I have no idea what The Lord has in store for this week but I do know this, HE is so faithful in the excitement and also in the bad rounds! I love that HE reminds us daily to be humble and rest in him daily! I ended the night with a one-on-one bible study with my dear friend/caddies wife, which reminded us to
rest in The Lord and enjoy the Joy that God gives you! Thanks for reading and have a blessed evening!!!!

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