Friday, July 18, 2014

Long days

Hello peeps!!! Sorry the post is so late but it's been a long day. Zack's tee time was at 2:10. We were pretty lazy all morning before heading to the course. I put Hadley in daycare again today for 9 holes and then Lisa( Zack's caddies wife) took her for the remaining 9 holes. I can not express in only this short time how much Lisa and Harold mean to us. They are not only the "caddie and caddie's wife" but they are family! Lisa always tries to help me as much as possible with Hadley while on the road, which is a blessing! We couldn't have hand-picked a more perfect couple to be by our side on this journey with us. We have Blayne and Morgan Barber to thank for hooking us up! Hadley not only loves Lisa but absolutely adores Harold! Well onto the day at the course. Zack had another great day and is currently tied for the lead. Once again I am so encouraged that The Lord knows exactly what it would mean for us to win and how to orchestrate that. It is all in HIS timing. We just feel blessed that God chose this path for us and we are trusting him to do the rest! Zack finished up his round around 7:00 and of course we were starving and Hadley was exhausted, but we managed to get cleaned up and be at dinner by 8:30. I have to brag on my child because she is pulled in so many different directions weekly and is so tolerable to all of the constant time changes. We had a fantastic dinner with Harold and Lisa at Bonefish! We finally made it back just in time to put
H to bed at 10:15. What a fun yet long day! Hope you guys have a wonderful evening!

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